Milling is the real flagship of the company and for over fourty years it’s been representing the core business on which the entire offer of Officine Mignani Srl has been built.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art machinery park equipped with 13 CNC milling machines, Officine Mignani Srl is able to provide various milling processes.

Our machine park allows us to create very complex parts, always guaranteeing high quality results.

Trusted Partner

Unlike other workshops, Officine Mignani Srl not only deals with third-party milling, but they support the customer during all the design and prototyping phases, also directly taking care of the material supply and surface treatments. Officine Mignani Srl really becomes a trusted partner to whom you can delegate the realization of complex parts that take shape from a design or simply an idea.

The logistical organization and production flexibility allow to supply batches of any size: from a large number of pieces milled in series to the creation of prototypes and individual parts, without neglecting in any case the care and attention in the construction that is verified by the quality department before each delivery.

The materials that Officine Mignani Srl is able to mill range from aluminum to iron, from stainless steel to carbon and other composite materials.


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